About Us

Arcane Engraving LLC started with a small diode laser creating custom and personalized items for our home and friends.  My wife and I both enjoy leatherworking so we wanted to be able to engrave our crafts. 

We had the idea to create leather dog collars with personalized laser engraving for the dog's name and owner's phone number.  While the engraved dog collar isn't new, it allowed me to combine my leathercraft and lasers.  We quickly realized the need for these types of customized, laser engraved products around out local community so we founded Arcane Engraving LLC.  Soon after, we acquired a fiber laser in order to process items more quickly and engrave blacksmithing and other metal projects.  We have expanded to commercial sales for local businesses in and around the Denver Area.  

We are constantly working to add additional products and expand the portfolio of are available to our customers through the customization tool on our Shopify site.

You can reach us at:

Email: sales@arcaneengraving.com

Mail: PO Box 68, Bailey CO 80421